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Prior to its commercial release, the film was screened in the section “Zero Time” as part of the 31st Mar del Plata International Film Festival where it won the award for Best Latin American Film3 and in India at the 4th Noida International Film Fest , where he won the Best Director and Best Edition awards. She was also selected for a special screening at the Blood Window Galas at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. He also participated in the official competition of the following festivals: the 35th BIFFF – Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival; Night Visions (Helsinki, Finland); 23rd FANT – Fantastic Film Festival of Bilbao (Spain); Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival (Porto Alegre, Brazil) and the Cuenca International Film Festival (Ecuador).

Best Director and Best Actress

Another recognition for national cinema: “Hipersomnia” won the diplomas for Best Director and Best Actress in Peru.
Gabriel Grieco and Yamila Saud, respectively, won the awards at the “Insólito”, the Terror and Fantasy Film Festival in Lima, the capital of the Inca country.


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Yamila in interview:
“I think when the directors see you and see the character, they say you. At least that’s what I’ve been through. They also highly value my work at Hipersomnia, which is on Netflix and for the festivals he went through, he has scored points,” he says of the call that changed his life. She spent several months of last year processing the Extraordinary Talent Visa so she could work as an actress in the United States.

Una cordobesa en Hollywood

From a young age I knew I wanted to be an actress

As the only South American country to win not just one, but two Academy Awards, it’s no surprise that some of Latin America’s most talented film industry professionals hail from Argentina. Born in the bustling city of Cordoba, actress Yamila Saud is a shining symbol of Argentine contributions to cinema.

Yamila is bright in front of the camera, and she added a freshness to the character…

She has a unique way of pulling viewers into a story

“Yamila is one of those people who knows a lot but is always willing to continue learning because they have no roof, says Diego Corsini Producer by “El Encanto”. I believe that there are two types of people that can reach success, the very talented and the very hardworking. The first ones find it easy to achieve things but they find it hard to organize and have a work routine. The second are more difficult but with much effort they can achieve their goals too. Yamila has the quality of a star because she meets both conditions, she is talented and hardworking.”

REEL Yamila



  • Condicionados (TV Mini Series)


  • Solamente vos (Tv Series)
  • Farsantes (TV Series)
  • Señales del fin del mundo (TV Series)
  • Viudas e hijos del Rock and Roll (TV Series)


  • Hypersomnia by Netflix
  • Just Love (Solo el amor) on Netflix
  • El Encanto

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